Peek behind the curtain

Im going to give you a little bit of insider knowledge about the photo business.

A peek behind the curtain, if you will...

Photographers struggle to market our businesses the same as any other type of business. Here is how marketing works:

The gurus tell us: “Find a pain point in your client’s life and tell them how your company is there to fix that pain point for them.”

But what pain point does photography fix?

I’ll tell you.


But first let’s take a step back and look at how image rich our culture has become. The advent of photo sharing social media has created a time where we share pictures of EVERYTHING. And I mean everything… I photograph about 10 childbirths a year. :)


Why? Because we have a primal need to connect to others and feel accepted. We need to feel like we have a “tribe.” The fact that we can show off all of our accomplishments, big and small, from completing a marathon to following a recipe, and get...

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Editorial Family Sessions

So you want family portraits, but you want something fresh and different. How do you tell your family's story with a little bit of flare and a whole lot of fun?

How about a staged editorial family session?

How does it work? First, we will sit down for a consultation where we will talk about your family, the vision, wardrobe, staging, props, etc. 


Next we shoot!! We will create custom images that tell the story of your family's daily life with a little bit of sass of course... :)


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