Push the Party, Not the nuptials. Let us throw you a tiny wedding.

About 5 years ago, we walked away from shooting large weddings. Truth be told, I was pregnant, and spending 10 hours on my feet shooting all day and hunting Grandma down at the bar for the big family portrait, and wrangling drunk groomsmen was just not the glamorous photography life I wanted to keep on living.

However, we did continue shooting small intimate weddings, and let me tell you, they became some of the VERY BEST DAYS. Suddenly, we got to really focus on the love and joy and special parts of a wedding day instead of crowd control. Suddenly, the tiny moments got so much more attention.

Did you know...

That you get better photos when your wedding is small because we don't have to rush back to the crowd of 250 people waiting for you to make your entrance?

Did you know...

That you appreciate and remember more about your ceremony when you remove the stress of speaking in front of a large group?

Did you know...

That you might actually get a chance to eat the fabulous meal if you are only expected to talk to 8 other people? 

Did you know...

That you don't have to WAIT to get married if your big wedding plans have been postponed?

Did you know that you can still have the big party later and you might even enjoy that more, too?

Well, we have you covered. 

Our team is standing by ready to get you hitched my friend! We still know all the right people in the wedding world and can put together a fabulous tiny wedding to fit your vibe!

What is included:

1. Location: We will help you pick from our fabulous partner destinations, something to fit your style!

2. Officiant: Turns out, not one but 2 of our team members are internet certified, ready to craft the ceremony of your choice. Or bring your own!

3. Food: Lets just say we have friends in all the right kitchens. Including the cake bakeries.

4. Decor: Our marketing director Carla was born to make things pretty. Your flowers, a table setting, fret not, it will be lovely. 

5. Live broadcast: Our videographer Reagan is standing by to broadcast your ceremony to all of the family and friends who just would never miss this moment for you! 

6. Photos! Well, we are a portrait studio after all! Your special day will be documented as art that you will look back on for decades.

As of now, we would prefer you limit your head count to 10 people and about 3 hours (arrival, ceremony, photos, food, and a first dance) for the tiny wedding package. 

Can't wait to become wed? We have you covered. Just bring the dress, the rings, and your beloved. Want to get married in the middle of the week? Time has no meaning anymore! Sounds good to us! Pop up wedding in a random alley? We've done it before and know all the best alleys. Farm, vineyard, sunflowers, rusty silos, rows of pecan trees, if you can dream it, we can most likely make it happen. 

Let's spread the love!! Email [email protected]  or call us at (979) 217-1924 to book a consultation.

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