Stay safe when taking photos. {College Station Photography}

This morning I was driving along highway 6 when I saw them...

The first bluebonnets of the season. 

Rumor has it, all the rain we have had this year is going to serve us with a killer bluebonnet crop.

Bluebonnet season for College Station Photography is HUGE time for family portraits but every year, I cringe when I see families pulled over on the highway squatting in the wildflowers to try to get a good shot. I cringe 100x more when I see that they have toddlers who could so easily slip away and run into the road. 

So it has inspired me to highlight some of my favorite safety issues when it comes to family or children's portraits. 

1. Railroad tracks. 

Just say no to railroad tracks, please. This issue hit close to home 2 years ago in 2017 when a 19 year old, pregnant Navastoa resident was struck and killed posing for a photographer on a set of railroad tracks. You may think that you will hear a train coming in time to move, but I am here to tell...

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