You can't run from it anymore... You need a new head shot.

You can’t run from it any longer.

Your face is on every point of contact. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram email signature, website and business card all have your lovely mug all up on it.

So what photo did you choose?

Is it professional?

Does it say, “come work with me?”

Does it draw in the clients and separate you from the competition?

Do you look approachable?

Did you crop it out of a cell phone picture of a night out with your friends?

…Did you crop it out of an old pic with your ex?


Let’s be honest. The way you present yourself online is the first impression people have of you. Have you been intentional about it?

“But Ashley, I HATE having my photo taken.” I hear that daily. Truly, 90% of the people that come into my studio tell me that they absolutely hate it.

So that’s my job. To put you at ease, and get you to give me a genuine expression that makes people look at you and say, “Hey, she looks like someone I want to work with.” 

This is WHAT I DO. The other day I had 22 people come through my portable head shot station in 5 hours. Each one of them walked out with a fresh new image to jazz up their personal branding in less than 15 minutes.


(BTW, if your company, department or association is looking for group head shots, we love going on location for groups!)


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