Peek behind the curtain

Im going to give you a little bit of insider knowledge about the photo business.

A peek behind the curtain, if you will...

Photographers struggle to market our businesses the same as any other type of business. Here is how marketing works:

The gurus tell us: “Find a pain point in your client’s life and tell them how your company is there to fix that pain point for them.”

But what pain point does photography fix?

I’ll tell you.


But first let’s take a step back and look at how image rich our culture has become. The advent of photo sharing social media has created a time where we share pictures of EVERYTHING. And I mean everything… I photograph about 10 childbirths a year. :)


Why? Because we have a primal need to connect to others and feel accepted. We need to feel like we have a “tribe.” The fact that we can show off all of our accomplishments, big and small, from completing a marathon to following a recipe, and get immediate feedback …feeds our need to connect.


So why pay a professional family photographer when you have a phone in your pocket that can make the media to feed the need?


Because your phone images are not wall worthy.  Images on your wall (the physical sheetrock kind, not the facebook kind) tell your kids that THEY belong. 


When you hang a portrait of your child on your wall in a place that they can see it every day, you remind them how much they matter to you. It may be subtle and subconscious but it feeds the same need that posting your selfie at the gym and getting 150 likes gives you. Someone is watching and someone cares that you are thriving.


I know as a parent of a small child in 2019, I am terrified of what it is going to be like to raise a teenager in the age of advanced technology. I am willing to hedge my bets in any way possible to let my child know on all levels that he can come home and be loved and have a place to belong no matter what.


He is part of a family that loves and adores him and all he has to do is look up from his coloring book to be reminded of that. Will it have a measurable "Return On Investment" effect on his choices? Maybe not, but I believe in the power of the feeling of safety.


Hanging a family portrait is an act of love. It tells your people that you want to invest in reminding yourself daily how lucky you are to have each other.


So back to: “Why hire a professional?”

Because wall art is a bit of a project. There is concept design, planning, lighting, shooting, culling, retouching, picking the best paper, canvas, metal, framing, etc.

Why would you want to have to learn about all of that when you could hire someone with years of experience to do it for you?


Don’t stress. We are here to help. Let’s create something you and your family will have a subconscious emotional reaction to, for many years. Let’s feed the need to belong with beautiful artwork.

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