My favorite local life hacks in Bryan College Station

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2018

Today I have been feeling all the feels for some of my favorite local business owners because you know what Aggieland?!! Bryan & College Station has some of the best small business entrepreneurs ANYWHERE.

Here are a few that have personally touched my heart and made my life easier and more enjoyable lately. I hope these suggestions help you out as well. 

1. The Dine-In Dude. 

Did you know that every week, this fabulous chef creates an amazing dish of the week, announces it on facebook, and BOOM, he sells out within an hour or two. Then, you pick up your tray of AMAZING dinner (or get it delivered,)  and you don't have to cook that night.....WHAT?! I know. I will be digging into a pan of King ranch chicken here in a matter of hours and I am PSYCHED. 

2. My Doc BCS

If you are a cash pay medical patient, meaning you are on a med-share plan, faith based plan, or just flat out pay cash, I am about to let you in on a little secret. IT IS CHEAPER to have a doctor come to your house than to go to a traditional doc's office or urgent care here in Bryan College Station. Dr. Joel Richards is a highly experienced ER doc and he created a completely mobile practice that has now expanded to include a pediatrician, a Physicians Assistant and a Nurse Practitioner. WE LOVE MyDoc. 

3. Om Grown Yoga

Are you into yoga? Let me tell you I am REALLY into yoga. I take classes all over the country, I have gone on intensive week long Mexico yoga retreats, I believe in the power of yoga. My good friend Lexi is hands down the best yoga teacher in this town. I have practiced with her for about 5 years now and she just re-opened her beloved Om Grown in a brand new location! The Central Texas Sports Medicine building (also known as the D1 building on University near the physicians center.)  Go get you some yoga love. 

4. The Dance Barre BCS

Aside from yoga, I love to dance, and I love a good dance workout. My other good friend Ellen has created a fantastic adults dance program over at the Dance Barre and I am a little addicted. On top of the fabulous classes, there is free childcare which for me is GAME-CHANGING. If you go, tell them I sent you. <3

5. All things Chef Tai

He is the hardest working man in food. If you don't know him, chances are you have seen him, or eaten his food at some event somewhere because he is EVERYWHERE. In fact, I was shooting a grand opening event just the other day, and he was walking around HIMSELF with hors de' oeuvre trays. The man keeps Veritas, Madden's AND Paolo's running and still shows up to catering events ready to play waiter. Oh and he is in the middle of building his new restaurant Urban Table and I CAN'T WAIT!

Are you sensing a theme? Food and wellness....these are the ways into my heart I suppose. :)

Speaking of food, no local business list of mine is complete without my dear love Kristy Petty's

6. The Village Cafe

Home away from home with coffee. What more could you need? Many afternoons I long for the days when my studio was located in Downtown Bryan so that I could wander over and park at the counter and order a TBA sandwich and tomato soup. It's quite seriously the best sandwich in town. Were you a fan of Gilmore Girls? Consider this your Luke's. And when she claims LOCALLY sourced...she means, the farmers are driving in to drop stuff off all the time. 

7. Thorn Music

Well, I am a bit partial to this one because... my husband is your friendly local music store rep.  If your kid is planning to play an instrument this year...just make it easy on yourself and rent from Thorn. Plus, they are centrally located on University so if you need a last minute reed before a football brainer. Locally family owned and operated friends!

8. Royalty Pecan

A lot of people don't know that the same family has now been managing Royalty pecan for generations and they are some of the most wonderful people I have ever had the privilege to know. AND it is a tourist spot. They do orchard tours and host events and they sell A TON of tasty local treats. (keep them in mind for pies when the holidays come around, but don't dilly dally because they sell out!!)

9. Easterwood Airport

Y'all. Do the math. After time, miles and parking fees, sometimes it just doesn't save you that much to drive to Houston or Austin to fly out. When I fly with my baby, I would much rather have him on a 2 hour layover in Dallas where we can stretch out and walk than on a 2 hour car ride to IAH where he is strapped in and cranky. (I know this is not a small entrepreneur thing, but I love the Easterwood staff, so close enough)

10. Safe 2 Save

Free smoothie because I didn't text while driving? Yes please! 

If you have not yet discovered Safe 2 Save, you are missing out on SO MANY REWARDS! There are so many deals and ways to try out new local businesses in exchange for points that you earn while you drive text free. I regularly use my points on the BOGO smoothie option- adding spinach into my toddler's kid's smoothie, and he doesn't have any idea. It's a win for everyone. 

Also, I mean.... This is my business blog, so here's a quick plug for myself: 

Don't miss the opportunity to document your family now! They won't be like this for long! <3 Let me guide you through creating artwork of your family that will bring you joy each time you pass it on your wall. 

Have a great week and go try something new!



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