I LOVE that drive in your drawer!

Hey there Bryan/College Station!

You remember the last time someone came over to your house and said, "OMG I LOVE that thumb drive in your drawer. What photographer did you use? They must be amazing!"


The other night my Father in law sent me the most incredible photograph. It was take in in 1982 and my husband as a baby was sitting on his lap in the MOST fantastic clash of wardrobe, hair and glasses you could ever hope for. It was glorious.

He found it when he was cleaning out a closet and within minutes there were texts flying between various family members all bonding and having a great laugh from across the country.

So what I want you to understand here is that I am not opposed digital images. The ability to text these images back and forth came from the advent of digital imaging technology, but I PROMISE you, that this moment was brought you you by: the old school paper print.

He never would have found this image cleaning out an old hard drive. He found it cleaning out a closet. (Some things are better in analog.)

Our children are in danger of having little to no paper prints to stumble upon later in life. Digital images are made up of incredibly delicate 1s and 0s that can corrupt at any moment without warning.

Prints however, have proven for generations to have lasting power.

PLUS: Do you remember just 3-5 years ago when photographers gave all of their images on a CD? Go shopping for a new computer right now and tell me how many of them are even being sold with a CD drive. Which means in another 5 years when you go to download those images, you will feel like us 80's babies with our collection of disney video cassettes.

The point is, hiring a photographer who hands you a drive of images and sends you on your way is only doing half the job. The job is to provide you artwork of your family that will last generations.

That's why we have taken the time to partner with some of the best print labs around the country to create custom wall art, albums, mounted prints and more. Our pieces are all archival quality and guaranteed.

We are here to create family heirlooms and will not only design your wall gallery for you with our drag and drop projection system, but we will even send a professional to come hang the images in your home correctly.

We are so excited to meet you and your family and I hope you have a good laugh from our creations in 35 years like we did with this.

All my love to your family,


Your trusted Bryan / College Station family phototographer




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