Get great photos of your kids this summer...with just your phone!

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2018

Ok, so we are now a full week (or more) into summer vacation and you are already googling the academic calendar for next year to see when you are going to get your full productive hours of the day back...

Take a breath. It's going to be a while.

BUT! In the mean time, the beautiful part about summer in Bryan and College Station, is that we have excellent parks, lots of places for swimming and splash pad fun, and that means lots of great opportunities to get some sweet summer photos of your kiddos.

So here are my pro tips for getting the best shot of your kid with just your phone:

1. Look for the light.

If you are inside, try turning off any electric lights, and just work with window light.  It is best to position yourself (and your phone) between the window and the area where your kids are playing and to focus on their faces. This way, the camera in your phone will set the exposure to correctly to your child's face, and the intensity of the light will fall off behind them, making the background a bit darker.

If you are outside, once again, try to avoid light coming from behind your kids. Your phone is trying really hard to get the best overall exposure and if you have light blasting in from behind, your child is going to be super dark.

2. How to get littles to look at the camera:

If you are anything like me, (toddler mom) then you are frequently having trouble getting your child looking at the camera.

My go to tip is to find a loud silly noise that they have never heard you make before, or a silly word, then get really super quiet, and get everyone else around you to be super quiet as well... set up your shot.....and out of no where...BOOGERS!

The key is the contrast from quiet to silly noise. If you have 3 other people behind you all making noise, squeaking toys, trying to get their attention, they will tune you out.

Let me tell you, my Dad is obsessed with taking phone shots of my kid, but his constant mistake is the dreaded, "OK, Look at me! 1........2.......3!!!" Not gunna happen Pops but thanks for playing.

3. Get on the floor.

I promise. The best shots you will get of your kid all summer will be the ones where you are down on their level. They will be more engaged, and the shots themselves will be more dynamic.

4. Here is my favorite tip. Just don't.

To be totally honest. Your kid would rather you just put the phone down and come play with them. Sometimes its best to just throw it in your bag and jump into the fun.

If that is the case, we would love to come take the pressure off and help with a lifestyle summer fun family photo session.
Space is limited so grab a spot and let me come play with you and grab some of those incredible running, jumping, singing, playing shots with you IN them instead of taking them. :)



Pool photo credit: Chris Singleton...because I am in the shot! <3

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