Why your kids need you in the photos...

Years ago, when I was first starting my photography business, we had a family friend who was battling breast cancer. 

We always knew that there was a chance that we would loose her, but the thought of her 3 young daughters loosing a mother was just unbearable, so we all kept a good attitude and her large community of friends in our very close knit town did everything we could to make the final year the best it could be. 

Many people offered time at beach houses, cooked meals, drove the kids to various activities, etc. 

What could I do? I had this camera and this vision of lifestyle family photos, so we picked a sunny afternoon and I came over to capture a day snuggling in bed, sitting by the pool, and snagging those tiny moments. 

Years later, scrolling through my facebook feed on her birthday or the anniversary of the day she was called up, one of those images will catch my eye, and my breath. Her daughters share them often. They treasure them. 

Many photographers think it is taboo to talk about the possibility of death when marketing photography, and I completely understand that. I do. Fear-marketing, I suppose. But like buying insurance, you sure are glad you did when the time comes. 

Even if you just hand your phone to someone else so you can jump into a quick shot with your kids at dinner or a birthday party, it is important. Even if you live to be 100 and your kids just want to see that you were there at their soccer game, its important. 

Even if you feel like you are rocking a "mom-bod," even if you haven't had your roots done, its important. 

We have all seen the studies that show that family photos hanging in the house can increase a child's self confidence. Well, are you waiting because you are not ready to be in the photos yourself?

As a mom who literally just moments ago put my money where my mouth is, and booked a mother's day session with another local photographer, Im calling you out. You don't have to book with me, (though I would be happy to tell you all the reasons why you should ;) but it's time. 

Family portraits are an act of love. 


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