College Station Graduation Photos BEFORE You Need Them.

Hey Aggieland. 

Can we talk for a sec?

Here's the thing. 

When I was in high school in Atlanta, we had our senior photography sessions during the summer before, or early fall of senior year.

This was great because during the school year, when different organizations finished their season and had banquets, they could collect the images for slideshows, any yearbook requests were ready to go, and most importantly, we were not rushing to get them done in a short 2-3 week spring window after the weather improved but before we needed to send out graduation announcements. 

When I moved to Texas, however, it was all different and here is what I see:

1. Photographers are scrambling to try to fit everyone into the short window

2. "We already bought the invitations, they offered at school, and now I wish we had waited for the photos and made our own."

3. It's raining for the 12th day in a row, as happens in spring time...

4. It is already 90 did that happen?

5. "My senior is so busy with end of the year activities, I don't know when we can get this in."

I would like to offer a solution.

Lets change the plan.


Lets be honest Bryan and College Station, we love fall around here. We love to wear our boots and jeans and scarves. If a senior participates in a fall activity like football or cheerleading, we have access to uniforms, and other props, and best of all....

It takes the stress off of your spring schedule, which we can all admit is madness.

If you would like to get on the schedule for a fall senior portrait session with me, you can get all of the information here:

I can't wait!!


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