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In the face of the growing stress in our industry, many of us respond by becoming more competitive and protective of our studio territory. But if we can learn to see our fellow photographers within our community as allies rather than enemies, together we can rebuild and adapt to our changing environment.

Working as a team allows you to cut your costs, double your resources, increase your reach, and strengthen your ability to retain clients. What’s not to love?

Photographers Meghan Garner and Ashley Diamond Siegert have successfully teamed up to create an effective system for working together while still maintaining unique and individual brands. Doing so has allowed both of their studios to experience unprecedented growth and has allowed both of them individually to pursue a much greater range of personal and professional development opportunities. In this program, they’ve teamed up again to teach you how they did it, and how you can apply what they’ve learned to your own unique community and brand.

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Mode photo

Did you get a beautiful DSLR camera with thoughts of taking incredible images of your family, only to leave it in Auto Mode every time you pull it out?  You can do so much more!  And we can help!

What we cover:

Basic DSLR functions: Auto-Priority-Manual


Focus Points

Seeing Light


Basic Posing

JPG to RAW and Basic RAW Processing

1-on-1 Format:  Customized Content Based on Knowledge Level and Needs.

(M)ode is available in 2 formats:

Occasionally when demand is high, we schedule large (M)ode workshops for big groups however we are always happy to teach (M)ode 1-on-1!

(M)ode is an 8 hour curriculum and we will be offering it as a 1-on-1 (or 1-on-2) for $95/hr in minimum 2 hour blocks.

 Pay all 8 hrs at once, total drops to $700

Add a second person for only $150.

So 2 students for $850 if paid in full or $910 total by the block.

To book your 1-on-1 (M)ode- Call Ashley at 404-944-6780

or Email:



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