Do you know how important tourism is to your community? Do you know how much you save in taxes because of the tourism dollars that flow through your town? What about the businesses that only exist in your community because of tourism?

I have recently had the honor of collaborating with the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau for National Tourism Month.

The idea was to highlight local businesses who are directly affected by the impact of tourism- outside the obvious restaurant and hotel industry. These images and concepts have been displayed at CVB sponsored events throughout the month.

For more information on BCS CVB- visit  20110401_Tourism month CVB_7355

Ben Liles
Owner of Park Cleaners est. 1951

“The more people who are in town, the better we do at Park Cleaners. All of the busy times start to add
up and affect the bottom line of the businesses in the community. People would probably lose their jobs
without tourism.”













20110401_Tourism month CVB_7316

Mark Kristen
Owner of Kristen Distributing

“Tourism is so fundamental to the success of Kristen Distributing. We probably wouldn’t be here if
tourism didn’t exist in the community.”

A busy football weekend for Kristen Distributing can generate up to $400,000 more dollars than a
regular weekend. In turn, Kristen Distributing is able to hire more locals, but also the effect trickles down
to their customers. Convenient stores, grocery stores, bars, bowling alleys, and more are able to hire
more people. Tourism means jobs in this community!”










20110401_Tourism month CVB_7303

Jen Zweiacker
Real Estate Broker with Zweiacker and Associates at Keller Williams

“More and more people are coming here for conventions and other events, and they are seeing what a
fantastic community we have and all we have to offer. So it’s becoming more top-of mind to them when
it’s time to retire or move that this is the community where they would like to be.”

Over the past couple of years, real estate brokers have seen an increase in “gameday properties.” These
are properties that are bought for use during football games and other busy times of the year.











20110401_Tourism month CVB_7344

Ken Medder

President:  Prosperity Bank

“At Prosperity Bank we work a lot with property owners in Downtown Bryan. The impact of the increase
in tourism dollars to the Downtown community is immeasurable.”