Tonight is the potluck dinner for my husband, Dan’s, band and I have been trying all week to decide what to bring. There are so many creative ideas that I have wanted to experiment with but it had to be something kid friendly that high-schoolers would be interested to eat.  I really didn’t want to bring a desert because I am sure that there will be plenty of deserts, but when I found this idea on Pintrest last night, I was inspired. It’s so simple, or so I thought. Please feel free to steal this waffle cookie idea, but learn from my mistakes so that your first batch will turn out well, as mine certainly did not.

Special thanks to Miss. Stephanie Finch for my wonderful waffle maker.

So, step 1….pick your cookie recipe. As I said, the idea for this creation came from a picture that I saw online, and it was not linked to any instructions, so I was winging it. Being the savvy shopper that I am, I used a coupon for this cookie mix out of last week’s paper.  It seemed as good as any. It called for 1 egg and 1 stick of softened butter.

Step 2: Mix your cookie dough and place clumps on a hot waffle maker.

Once I mixed the cookie dough together, I was really not sure how much to use so I gathered about as much dough as I would use to make a normal oven baked cookie. I was also not sure how high the heat should be so I split the difference and put it on 3 out of 5. (First two mistakes!)

Step 3: Close the waffle maker and pray.

So it was a good first try……

Yeah that took a while to clean off and after I did, it looked like this:

Time for “Take 2”

This time I bumped the heat down and used a cooking spray.  I also used much less dough per cookie. It worked, but I left it closed too long, so the centers were a bit well done.

So for the next few batches, I cooked on setting #1 and used a lot of cooking spray and VOILA!

And here is the final plate!

So try it out! Im very glad I did!