You know those people in your life that you knew as kids and they should stay kids forever?? And then it freaks you out when they hit some crazy milestone?  That is the Stroud Family for me.  I used to babysit these little ones, the two younger ones were my flower girls in my wedding. They are supposed to be 5, 7 and 13 forever. SO. All of that to say, my wishful thinking is not working and every time I come home to Atlanta, they are taller, and prettier and funnier. So, the last time I visited, I lucked out and my Sweet Caroline was heading to her Junior homecoming dance.  That’s right people! This girl is 16!!! Wuh.

So Stinkin’ Gorgeous. Can’t stand it…

Plus, she is dating the cute football player (Taylor, seen here. 🙂 Remember what my dad (a.k.a. Papa G) told you girlie!  Boys are the Devil!

I need a glass of wine.