Growing up, I did not get to spend a whole lot of time with my 5 paternal cousins because they all lived in LA and I lived in Atlanta. However, of all of my cousins, Janna Beth and I were the closest in age and when we did get to visit, we got along beautifully. We were even pen pals for a few years back when people still did that. Janna was always very serious about dance, so it came as no surprise to our family when she decided to move to New York to be a professional dancer. Now, in our 20’s, still living in very different parts of the country, we see each other more than we ever did growing up due to family events. But in this case, I got assigned to work in New York for the weekend, so I grabbed the opportunity to shoot a session with her. Let me tell you right now, dancers absolutely make the best models because they are very aware of how to move their bodies. We walked the streets of Manhattan on this beautiful April day and played with light and movement and I LOVE how these came out. In fact, there were so many great shots, it was terribly difficult to pick my top 20! Thanks Janna Beth for playing with me!! Love you!