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These are my Grandparents. On the left, Walter and Norma Diamond were married in Beverly Hills in 1950 and on the right, Kay and Don Pinkston were married in Ft. Myers, FL in 1960.

I can not begin to express to you how much I cherish these images. I know that I may be a bit partial because I am a wedding photographer and I know that the science that created these images was so much more labor intensive than what I work with today.

When Daniel and I bought our home last year, one of the most daunting projects was (and still is) choosing what to hang on the walls. We have a wide open floor plan with tall ceilings. That means we have really big walls and whatever we choose to hang on each one will have major impact. As I started to shop for paintings, I noticed that everything in the home goods market began to look very generic and boring. What I really want my home to reflect is us. We don’t have kids yet and I can only hang so many portraits of ourselves before it seems a bit narcissistic.

Then, I thought, the best way to reflect who we are is to reflect those that made us who we are. I am so lucky that when I started digging, I was able to gather wedding photos from all of our grandparents (4 sets), all of our parents, (3 sets) and then I added our wedding image and one from Daniel’s sister’s wedding. 9 images in all. I scanned and restored and created a collection with matching black and white hues. I had them printed together and now I am hanging a gallery collection of all of our family weddings.

Remember when you are choosing your wedding photographer that you are capturing your first family heirloom. One day those images will be an important documentation of the day that started the creation of your family. Your children’s future exists because of your wedding day. Make sure that the images from that day are something that you will be proud to hang in your great- grandchildrens’ homes.

family wedding images1

                                  Dorris and Al Siegert 1950                                         Mildred and Lloyd Payne 1953

family wedding images 2

        Dennis and Linda Siegert 1988      Nancy and Glenn Diamond 1983        Joe and Kathy Snyder 1996

family wedding images3

                Jim and Rebecca Morgan  2008                       Daniel and Ashley Siegert 2011

                                                                                                               Credit: AGW Photography- Allyson Warrington