Each year, around Thanksgiving, we look at our spouses and say, “What are we going to get my/your parents for Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever??” We stare at each other blankly for about 10 seconds, and then walk away with….”We’ll figure it out, there is still time.” Then about a month later, dread sets in. “I got nothin’. No ideas, nothing to giftwrap, just nothin’.”
Well friends, I am here to save you!!

Introducing the Slice of Life Collection from Fig-Mint Photography

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of shooting some beautiful little girls, ages 2 and 4 in their home. I got to document these children at this precious stage of life. No stress, no fuss. They played dress up, they ate lunch, they danced. When was the last time a photo shoot was that easy?

Never? More dread setting into your stomach thinking back to your last family photo shoot? Running screaming, knocking over expensive lighting equipment? Deep breath…its ok.

Then the girls’ mom asked me if we could make extra books of these images for the grandparents for Christmas. Could we?!! Absolutely!

I am giving you here a sneak peek of the album pages we have designed. They are a collection of exactly what these girls are like right now. Rather than formal portraits of smiles and a pretty dresses, these images document joy, development, expressions and truth.

If you would like to work together to create a Slice of Life book for your family, shoot me an email at ashley.figmint@gmail.com or call 404-944-6780. Booking now,  and space is limited in the month of November.