One of the great things about working with Preemie Prints is that I get to meet families with what we call NICU Grads. These are families that have graduated from the NICU and are home enjoying their health!! The Perez family, from Bryan, Texas is one of these special families. As is common with Moms of Preemies, Roseanna has endured the NICU process with 3 of her children. Michael, our featured grad, is the youngest of the family and because Roseanna had given birth to other preemies, the doctors decided it would be smart to give her steroid shots so that if Michael was born premature, his lungs would be stronger. It worked! Michael was born 2 months early but was only kept in the NICU for 5 days because his lungs were so strong! When I shot this family, Michael was at his same birth weight, 4Lbs, 4 oz. (He had lost some weight in the NICU and then gained it back) Also, he had been home from the hospital for 4 days.

The Peres also have custody of their 5 month old niece, Surena. (Also seen here.) Surena is healthy and happy and loves to play with Michael.

This family caught me just in time to be my guinnea pigs on a new photo editing software, so you will see a variety of different styles that I am experimenting with. Enjoy!!