A few weeks ago I got an email from Amber Collier, the founder of Preemie Prints assigning me the Lamb family and their Boy/Girl Twins. Holy Moly, I thought. Twins? HOW am I going to get 2 babies to look and smile at me at the same time, over and over, and get this family a whole collection of images?? AH!

Little did I know that I would be working with some of the happiest, calmest, sweetest kids ever. Look at those faces!! And the secret with these 2 was that they make EACH OTHER giggle. So when I couldn’t get one to crack, we just brought the other one over and suddenly they were both smiling. You know, that twin thing. I love it. Forget the squeaky duck. (My go-to noise maker)

What I really want you all to eat up here, though, are these EYES!! Oh my goodness. Baby Ainsley got out of the car seat and looked up at me with the most incredible slate blue eyes and then Baby Hudson came around the car with Dad and there were 2 sets of eyes begging to be captured with catch light  to make your heart melt.

Please enjoy! These images will be seen in my marketing materials in the future. I am still dying over them!