My little sister came to visit for her spring break. These days, if you come to see me, you get photographed, so I told her to be ready. 🙂 For those of you who have not met my sissy, she is very interesting. She is a creative writing major at Georgia College and will be spending the summer in Valencia, Spain because she is super cool like that. And she is a bit obsessed with European cultures. She has always said that she will spend her adult life as a starving novelist living in a box in my basement. I told her I would save her the refrigerator box because it would be the biggest. I mean, I AM a supportive sister. However, her writing and wit are hilarious, so I think she will be fine.

I suspect her first best seller will have some story line that relates back to the CRAZY robotic heart surgery that she had last summer. If you do not know the story, well, it is kind of long and involves a lot of doctors but in the end, a robot sewed part of a cow into her heart. AND later, her case saved the life of another patient in California. Yeah! I know!! Wanna see? Warning–if you don’t like blood, skip the link.

Have a great day!