So you bought the good camera, now learn how to use it.

Join Ashley's Camera 101 class, filmed with 6 live students, on your own time with this video program, and learn how to take control of your images!

(M)ode: Get Your Camera Out Of Auto

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What You Will Learn


Photography is all about light. Learn how to understand light and how to use it to make the images you have in your head. 


How to pick the best location and framing to maximize the success of your photos. 


Cameras, lenses and editing software, what's the best choice for you?

Why your DSLR (aka: "the good camera") is better than your smartphone

Yes, our phones have gotten so much better when it comes to photo capability, but there are so many things your phone can't do. 

Lens changes allow you to change focal points and background blur. Manual exposure settings allow for dramatic effects that your phone just can't achieve. 

Those kids running through a dusk time yard? Not 'gunna happen.

You bought the camera, but all those buttons can be a bit intimidating. And which lens is right for the moment? Don't worry, we are here to help!

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Learn your camera

Ashley breaks down the basics of how a camera works, how to find your controls, and when to use them.

Step by step

How do you know when to change your settings? 


Questions Answered

This class was recorded during a live workshop, so see answers to questions that other students have, and feel free to ask more questions in the modules!

Sometimes you just want to make great shots of your kids, grandkids, pets, etc. You have the good camera, now learn how to use it!
— Ashley Siegert, CPP, Cr. Photog

Learn to use your camera on your own time, in your pajamas!


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