This is the beautiful Ms. Kimberly Rank. She is a fantastic lady that I have had the privilege to meet a few different times in a couple of different capacities. As it turns out, Kimberly and I both used to live in a similar part of Metro Atlanta and have both ended up in College Station now in adulthood. During our shoot we figured out that we had worked together on an event a year ago while she was working for HEB, the large grocery store chain here in Texas. Now Kimberly is “Kind of a Big Deal” as she works for the Bryan College Station Chamber of Commerce. We re-met through the Young Professionals of Aggieland, an up and coming organization that has taken this area by storm. W hen we decided to do this shoot together I got to learn much more about this extraordinary woman.  She is a single mom with a beautiful little girl who is about to be 3, and still finds time to be a crazy work-out nut and a ball of sunshine whenever I have crossed her path. I have such admiration for this incredible spirit and I feel so blessed that I got to spend the afternoon getting to know her. 🙂