Fig-Mint Photography About

Fig-Mint Photography is a documentary and portrait photography studio serving Bryan, College Station, TX, Atlanta, GA and destination locations around the world.

Specializing in Weddings, Seniors, Families, and Lifestyle Portraiture.
Every family has a different story. So why do so many family portraits look the same? I have photos of my grandparents in Sunday best clothes, carefully posed against a neutral backdrop with perfect hair and serious expressions. You know what those pictures look like, you probably have the same ones.

But my grandparents were not like your grandparents. What if they could have left behind real stories in those pictures? What if we could see how they really, truly lived and loved before we knew them? What if they had the opportunity to leave that legacy behind for future generations?

I’m talking about the difference between “This is what Grandma looked like,” and “This is how Grandma looked at Grandpa after forty years of marriage. This is how Mom laughed when she was a little girl. This is what my husband was thinking when he saw me on our wedding day. And what he was feeling the moment he met our firstborn.” These are the moments that remind us who we are and teach others who we were. They pass by so quickly and can’t be recreated.

Life is an ever-changing work of art. My mission is to capture priceless images with all of the beauty and passion that live within them. My clients don’t need to wear their Sunday best. They come as they are and leave the rest to me. When I’m done, they have more than a picture book. They have a family heirloom.